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This time,
I wonder what it feels like,
to find the one in this life,
The one we all dream of,
but dreams aren't just not enough.
So I'll be waiting for the real thing,
I'll know it by the feeling,
The moment when we're meeting,
will play out like a scene,
Straight off the silver screen.


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blackmarket 19 Jalan Pisang S199084 (along Victoria Street)

Monday, September 29, 2008
am home , bored to death .


oh my ! cant stand stayin at home .
miss S , hope tomorrow night's plan will be on !
hahahs .

am home , bored to death .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

S went to work today ,
had sushi then went down to Qsw .
chat with S alittle then gonna go off .
so took a quick pic .

my marshmallow seline !

see ya tomorrow .
we shall jus spend our er ren shi jie .
if ya readin this , you shud know what i mean .
hahahs .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
met S at bugis village around 2.30pm
went walk alittle and i bought another
top , a cigg like pen and also another extra .

went ps , she got hungry .
had pastamania with her for early dinner ,
chat over it , found out that we kinda have
some similiar likes&dislikes then
brought her up to a job interview .
they were lookin for full timers & wkend part timers ,
totally suit both of us . =p

hmm , sent her to the traffic light .
happy that she didnt dropped today's date
i want my beach date , girl .
so get well soon !
tomorrow meetin her , for another interview .

see her !

Monday, September 15, 2008
i was so fcukin bored today ,
that i initiated to buy needed things .
went ps , called JC for help .
bought like lotsa of stuff ,
couldnt stand myself .

so happy ! tomorrow meetin her for the whole day , finally .
hahahahs . but really hope she's feelin well enough .
hmm , found a interesting job offer for both of us at ps .
hmm , really miss her . so glad can see her finally .

tomorrow , 2pm , bugis . dont drop date again please !

missie missie .....

Sunday, September 14, 2008
S not feeling well since the day before ,
the plan was cancelled ,
she couldnt make it to beach with me .

ooh , nvm .
there's another next mon ,
and i hope someone dont say the wrong thing .

am so bored today !
at v.o now ... so bored !!!

i wanna head out !

argh .

hmm , nvm .
anyway , i found out something .
whenever i look over my left shoulder in the mirror ,
i will ALWAYS think that i only have
my 4th tatt and not my 5th one .
hahahhs .
so not used to it .

hmm , went home last night to pick up my 10yr series ,
family was so quiet even though they're havin mahjong sessions .
they gave me money.
b4 i reached out my hand for it ,
i was jus wonderin ,
do i deserve their love when i hurt them so much .
so many things done but not much could be undo ,
they are makin me confuse themselves too .
sometimes i wonder am i really a burden ?
whether am i that bad of their family ?
i think i am at times ,
with tattoos ,
with things that none of my family members,
no matter young or old would do or have done .
sometimes they make me feel that i've made them vanished in my life
at times they make me feel im invisible to them .
no more childhood memories that we used to have .
and i jus think it's all my fault .
no more mac brkfaast ,
no more late night supper ,
no more homemade dinner ,
no more scoldings ,
no more sharing of gd food or fruits with them,
not much more of movies ,
no more pastamania lunch or dinner ,
no more seein and hearin of my mum's fav dialogue :
'i ate $5 a day jus to have money for all of you ,
so you all must study hard and earn alot of money
next time to repay me .' whenever we go walkwalk or shoppin,
no more sayin of gdnites to them everynight ,
cant even greet them 'mummy' and 'papa' so often .
i miss them at times but yet wonders am i really in the fault .

wonders whether my aunt will tell my baby cous
which i dote on that im a bad cous to be with .

i miss my two terrrapins .

jus miss my old life at home with them .

feel lonely at times .
loneliness of the big distance with my family .

never understands !

hmm , ytd S wanted to take off but not approved !
so i went to accompany her , but she bombed me !
hahahhs . was jus a joke .
then i became her new stock model .
haiyo . but it was fun , and i pretty much like one
whatever it is , it's my money and my own face to throw ,
i love it , who cares !

tomorrow heading to the beach with her ,
and her friend will be tagging along too .
so happy , more pics to upload tomorrow .
and i bet , i'll be as tan as i was b4 .
after beach , heading to S house to do my hair .
so appreciate it that she don mind .
really happy to know her ! such a nice girl !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

hmm , S took half day off today and we
head down to bugis and bought 2tops .
it was so fun to hang out with S , tomorrow
heading down queensway to
accompany and chit-chat with her .

*relationship are hard to understand , in general .
you'll nvr know when it's happy or sad ,
it changes so fast and whenever it likes jus like weather .

hmm , my school kinda sucky to me .
didnt attend school lessons for 1-2months ,
they don call but sent me a letter abt my attendance ,
how am i suppose to focus when everyone is so
unfriendly and narrow-minded over there .
nobody wanna be nice .
i jus don understand what is there that is fun .
i know studyin is the only one .
but how to study under this kinda insecure environment .
no books , no mood , no trustworthy understandin friends .

wouldnt it be better to work alone earn money
than be at school with sucky teachers and sucky environment ?

hmm , really hope o lvl finishes soon ,
i wanna rest and not care abt anything !
i mean anything ! everything !

so tired . to worry this and that but
ppl thinks that all my worries are unnecessary .
hmm , family is a prob too .
donno what the hell the world wants from me .
one moment expects things outta me
another moment , don even tell you abt their plan .
jus so fcukin irritated by the world .

i want big break !

jus hope for a little turnover .

inkin is so fcukin appreciated .
jus love the pain at some point of time .

wonders about what job would i pick up after
my wanted break when my o lvl is over .